Monday, October 21, 2013


It has been such perfect weather for walking - I logged 26.27 miles this week, much of it aerobic (defined by my pedometer as being 10 or more minutes of continuous walking).

Now that I have sold the golf cart, I'll probably be doubling that mileage most weeks, at least until bad weather comes and I have to take it indoor.  Walking inside at the clubhouse is more boring and also more apt to be interrupted by someone who wants to talk.

The only place where I will miss the cart is for going down to the community garden plots.  I'd like to get a three wheeled bike for that - three wheeled because that allows for a large basket in the back to carry things I need for gardening and to bring veggies back.   However, my wife is afraid that I'll get hit by a car.

I think the trike is safer than a bicycle in that regard - it's more visible and especially so with a bike flag and a big basket.  But I don't want to worry her unnecessarily, so I might just see if I can find a small garden cart I can push or pull as I walk.

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