Friday, October 11, 2013

Thank a Republican Voter Month

I think that October 2013 should be National Thank a Republican Voter month.

Seriously - you guys have done so much to help the rich stay rich and drive our economy downward - you deserve a heart felt round of applause from the rest of us.

Now, I know some of you feel undeserving.  Maybe you weren't lucky enough to have a crazed Tea Party idiot to vote for.  Don't feel ashamed!  You did your part by voting in your more moderate guy and he marches lock-step with the crazies because that's the way GOP group-think works!  You did help, you really did and we want you to know that we know that and appreciate it.

We can't all live in Texas.  Wouldn't it be great if we did, but some of us have to live elsewhere and thanks to the wonderful obstructionism and bat-shit insanity of the GOP, we ALL get to share the results.  We thank you for that.

When I see someone who I know voted Republican, I just want to salute them and then shake their hand.  I want to give them a great big hug.  I want to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze..

Thank a Republican voter.   You know you want to!

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