Thursday, October 10, 2013

Aereo and cable TV

While waiting for Kerio support to fix that 3120 glitch, I've been thinking more about Aereo and cable TV.   I wrote about that at  and but this morning I came across this  which says that TV as we know it will be gone within ten years.

I can see that.  I can see it faster than that.  If the big Networks don't wake up and put their shows on Netflix, Google Chromecast and Apple TV (with ads is fine), then those two will simply kill them by going direct as they have already started to do.

As to cable bundles, they are dead whether or not they are forced to unbundle.  There are only a very few channels keeping them alive now and when those flip to Netflix and Apple and Chromecast, they are toast.

Can't happen too quickly for me!  I'd LOVE to dump Verizon TV!

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