Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sometimes I wonder about my (alleged) brain

I had just about finished up configuring the firewall that is on the floor in this picture.  I unplugged the wire and replugged it to my own firewall so that I could send an email to the customer saying that I'd be shipping soon and just asking a few final details.

Finishing that, I changed my machine's IP so that I could get back into the customer's firewall to shut it down properly.   I plugged the wire in but no lights came in.

I've seen this before.  Sometimes a replug or moving to a different port will wake it up; sometimes resetting the IP at my computer might do it, or maybe that's all just voodoo and it wakes up on its own, but whatever: it wasn't waking up this time.

Sighing heavily, I turned off the power switch.  I doubt that it hurts a thing;  I've never looked, but it's probably configured to shutdown on power loss and if not it probably can't hurt anything anyway. Still, my intention had been to login and turn it off through software, so I sighed.

And then I turned it back on, waited for it to boot, logged in, and powered  it off through software.

Yeah, I know.  Even as I selected the option I felt like an idiot.

But that's a goal oriented brain at work.  I wanted to shut the damn thing off from that menu and that's what I was going to do, dammit!  Once set on a path, it takes a lot more than rationality to stop me.

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