Thursday, October 17, 2013

Death of a golf cart

I drove down to get the mail yesterday, but when I hopped in for the return trip, no go.   It's something electrical, but I don't see what it is immediately and honestly I don't have much interest in finding out.  I have the owners manual which gives me all the diagnostics, but I just don't care any more. Too much trouble.  I can debug electrical circuitry, but I'm not good at taking things apart to get at what I'd need to get at.

So I just want to get rid of it.

The batteries are charged, but they are five or six years old, which means they will need replacement in the next few years and that's a large expense.   I just don't want to deal with it any more.  I don't want to deal with putting it away for the winter, don't want to deal with replacing cables next Spring; I'm just tired of maintaining it.

It has mirrors and an aluminum cargo bay, so it's worth a few hundred just for that.  It's a 96 EZ-GO, so it isn't worth a whole lot otherwise.

Simple case:  loose wire to the key switch.  Worst case, a few hundred bucks plus labor for a new controller board.  

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