Thursday, October 10, 2013

3120 Firewall Install

Today I am configuring a Kerio Control 3120 Firewall for a customer.

I've done plenty of these in the past, but never where I was importing a configuration from an older version running on Windows.  Still, that shouldn't be an issue:  load the new license file, import the config, set the interfaces if necessary and that should be it.

Unfortunately, this one is fighting me.  After loading the old config, it  won't let me back in - won't give me a DHCP address and won't respond if I set my address to its range manually.

Kerio Support is great, though.  I sent them the old config and they will load it up on one of their boxes to see what happens. When they figure it out , they'll export THAT configuration and send it to me.

I'll load that and then I should be ready to ship this puppy.

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