Saturday, March 29, 2014

Collection - Fugio "New Haven Restrike"

Note:  Everything is in a safe deposit box.  I keep nothing in my home.
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There's a lot of funny stuff associated with "New Haven Restrikes". They were not made in New Haven, CT, but down the road a poke in Waterbury. Nor were they restrikes, but actually came from counterfeit dies. Finally, they were made around 1859, not 1787 as the real ones were.

Still, I can't afford a real one in that grade and the ones I can afford usually are pitted or scratched, so I went for the fake. Fake though they are, a MS67 was auctioned for $9,775.00 in 2007, so there's fake and then there is fake that people will pay respectable money for. This AU was $595.00 in 2014, which isn't exactly cheap.

By the way, and yes, it's somewhat of a rhetorical question, but why is it that when common people buy fakes like this and the 1804 dollar and some others, we end up with worthless junk, but when it's rich and important people who first buy the fakes, the fakes stay valuable and are accepted as though they were real?

By the way, beware of Becker restrikes.  These are collectible but are less expensive than the 1859 restrikes.


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