Saturday, March 29, 2014

Collection - 1776 Continental Dollar Restrike

This is not a real Continental Dollar.  The genuine article would run at least $40 - $50,000 and more - much, much  more for high grade pieces. 

This collectible restrike is now sitting in my safe deposit box.  

This is really a restrike from 1962. It's not particularly pricey because several thousand were made: see 

But it is a restrike of a fake!  The dies used were made in the 1870's, not 1776. See Page 3 of

Fascinating degrees of reality, isn't it?  Yet people collect these fakes and pay good money for them.   This coin is not something that you'd find in a dealer's junk box - I paid $175.00 for it in 2014.

By the way, Jeff Shevlin is a collector, researcher and author who specializes in "So Called Dollars" (see link earlier).  I liked that this particular coin came from his collection.

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  1. nice piece, Dickesons dies have such a modern looking design when compared to the originals, it's difficult for me to describe them as copies, more like a personal interpretation.
    I obtained an hk852-a (same dies as yours struck on .999ag) some years back, my interest spurred by coming across a period copy of the Continental Curency pewter while metal detecting (identification from metallurgic assay and expert exam).
    I am amazed at the number of period fake king george hps (mostly GII) i recover while detecting, more so than regal issues.
    Now i seek out period copies of all coins, it is an affordable and fascinating field.
    latest additions are the mass cent and half cent restrikes by a mass coin dealer named 'evanson'
    thought to be struck in the 1950s.
    good stuff, thanks for sharing, Herbie.