Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book Review: Fascinating Facts, Mysteries and Myths about U.S. Coins

This is really a fun book. I do have my doubts about some of the authors research, but that's unfortunately true of a great deal of numismatic writing: truth is often ignored in favor of a good yarn.

That said, there are end notes citing sources for most of the assertions made and the author did seem to take extra care in verifying some of the tales. So, while I always am slightly mistrustful of anything I read that isn't completely vetted, this is probably safer than a lot of numismatic writing (see, for example, my complaints about The Numismatist).

One reviewer called the writing style "dry". I don't agree, though I can certainly understand that if are not numismatically inclined you might well think so.

I reviewed the Kindle edition, which is no bargain as it is only a dollar less than the print version. Either way, a fun read.

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Note:  All my coins are in a safe deposit box.  I keep nothing in my home. 

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