Thursday, June 5, 2014

Morgan Dollar: America's Love Affair with a Legendary Coin

According to the Amazon page, this book is supposed to be released on June 24th, so I placed a pre-order. To my complete surprise, Fedex delivered it today, June 5th.

This is a year by year, highly detailed examination of Morgan dollars. Not by die variety like the VAM book, but the history of each coin: changes to dies, certified population and price guides, plus historical trivia related to the coin, its mint or Morgan himself. It's a market study and a history lesson with Morgan Dollars as the backdrop.

Each year is illustrated with high-resolution photographs from the Coronet Collection, the PCGS Number One Finest Morgan Dollar registry set of all time.

If you are a serious collector of Morgans, you'll probably want this.

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Note: All my coins are in a safe deposit box. I keep nothing in my home.

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