Thursday, April 10, 2014

Zombucks are fun, but are they an investment?

I mentioned Zombucks in my previous post.   There have been four issued so far, in silver and copper.

 I'm too cheap to spend money on the silver versions (especially the proofs) but I did buy these copper specimens.

All of these are supposedly limited edition and the silver after market prices have been increasing.

I wouldn't recommend them as an investment though: their popularity is strongly tied to zombie theme movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead.  Yes, The Walking Dead could well become a cult classic and live on in re-runs for many decades, but I think you also would also need to be concerned that counterfeits could dilute the market or destroy it outright.

Consider that when the U.S. Mint says something is limited mintage, it most definitely is and the dies are destroyed after production. What guarantees you that Zombucks master dies have been destroyed?

Still, these are fun and I don't mind throwing a few dollars into them just for that reason.

You can find the older Zombucks on Ebay and the very latest can be had at

According to that site, there will be ten in the series.  While the Walker, Morgue Anne and the Zombuff are interesting, I'm not sure the Barber has quite the same appeal or even that many will understand why it is so named (Charles Barber designed the half dollar that is based on).  That may be true for the rest of this series also, so the popularity could wane because of that.

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