Friday, December 5, 2014

True View Photos are back

I ordered True View photos with my last PCGS submission. The coins weren't rarities, so many might consider that a waste of money, but I'm not capable of taking photographs of that quality, so for me, the $10 additional charge is actually quite reasonable. I'd love to be able to do this for all my coins!

PCGS provides a number of formats:

PCGS retains the copyright. I imagine that is because the photos are tied to the certification - when you sell the coin, the True View is available to the new owner.

Your PCGS TrueView Photographs are now available for downloading. These images are available in many different sizes for your convenience. You may use these pictures for your registry sets, online auctions, and even use them to make quality prints of your coins (however, please note that PCGS retains all copyrights).

I'll definitely be adding this to all future submissions and I'll probably pick out a few special pieces for re-holdering and True View photos. 

Note: All my coins are in a safe deposit box. I keep nothing in my home.

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