Thursday, November 13, 2014

I decided to send one set of the Kennedy's off for certification

After hemming and hawing for several days, I finally decided to send off one set of Kennedy Silver 50th for grading at PCGS.  I spend an hour comparing coins from the three sets I had bought and finally picked the four (one of each type from the sets) I feel have the best shot at 70 grade.

That bright spot near his lips on the reverse proof worried me. At first it looked like a scratch, but it was in the same place on all three coins.  I put it under the scope and saw nothing, though.

The others gave me no trouble, though the enhanced Uncirculated's were hard to decide just because they all looked good.

I decided NOT to pay extra for a Kennedy Label or for First Strike even though I am well under the cut off date now.  I did pay $10 to have TrueView for one of the Enhanced - I just think those are so nice I'd like to have a good picture.

Even so, it all came to $101.95 for just those for coins.  I hope I really did pick out the best and didn't miss something obvious and dumb.  We'll know in a month or so!

Note: all my coins are in a safe deposit box.

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