Friday, July 4, 2014

I am not selling anything!

I have had three different people mention the "coins you are selling on the Internet".
Let's make this clear: I am NOT selling anything!

I suppose this assumption comes because most of the numismatic posting you might see on the Internet do involve selling, but that's not my purpose.

What I am doing is writing about coins and coin collecting. Nothing is for sale. It's just informational. I enjoy collecting coins, I enjoy writing about the things I collect and that's all there is to it. Once in a great while I might sell something if I have duplicates, but I'd do that on eBay, not here. I am not selling anything here!

Nor am I the only one. A recent thread at the Coin Talk forum asked people to list their favorite coin related blogs.  Some do have commercial intent, but many do not. Incredibly, not everyone writing on the Internet is after your money!

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