Friday, April 25, 2014

Pocket Change

I bought a .999 slver round last week and carelessly dropped it onto concrete as I opened the package. It was in a plastic flip, but that broke open on impact and the coin suffered a nasty edge nick.

Oh, well. I put it in my pocket and mentally wrote it off as pure melt.

The rounds new friends in my pocket

But when I got home, I thought that it might be fun to document its condition as it bounces around in my pocket over the next few months or years. How long will it take to reach XF40, how long for VG20?

I snapped a photo after it had been in my pocket just a few hours.

First day

I'll be photographing it from time to time and posting them here.

Here we are after two days.

This is after four days in pocket.  Liberty's cheek is taking a beating.

And this is after five days.  The reverse is starting to show a few insults,  though the obverse is plainly taking the worst of it. The mirror fields are still visible on both sides, but it looks like they'll be gone soon.

Note:  All my other coins are in a safe deposit box.  I keep nothing in my home. 

At night, I take it out and lay it on my dresser so it can accumulate some dust and better air exposure.  I think it's having a fairly normal coin life, missing only the indignity of being swallowed by a vending machine now and then.   It might be getting a bit more jostling than most as I walk briskly for an hour or more most days and can hear it and the other coins clinking as I go along - I imagine most coins get long periods of rest from time to time.

But we'll see how it goes.  More at Pocket Change Part II.

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